Full of pitfalls and obstacles, managing a successful Aesthetic Clinic business is no easy feat. Fortunately, having Aoikumo - a cloud-based Clinic Management System can help to deliver better solutions to cater your aesthetic clinic, patients, and business.

It is not an exaggeration that every Aesthetic Clinics should have an excellent management system. Hence, explore the benefits of incorporating with Aoikumo into your practice.

But First, What is a Clinic Management System?

Clinic Management System refers to an integrated information system designed and implemented to intelligently manage all facets of an Aesthetic Clinics' daily operations.

Equipped with a comprehensive suite of functionalities, the Clinic Management System provides a holistic overview of your operations and helps to manage appointments, patients’ records, inventories, employees, and more.

Benefits of Clinic Management System for Aesthetic Clinic

The automated and integrated Clinic Management System enable to simplify the overall operations process.

1. Paperless Digital System

It is vital for Aesthetic Clinics to keep track and access patients’ records with ease. With Clinic Management System – a digitalised system, all patients’ data and records can be retrieved at your fingertips. In addition, indemnity and consultation forms can also be customised to cater business needs.

2. Advance Medical Inventory Management System

Clinic Management System allows the business to manage inventories and drugs more effectively, by recording inventories’ batches, cost prices and expiry dates. To ensure accuracy, Aesthetic Clinics will need to dispense the correct drugs and perform accurate inter-outlet billing.

3. Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Clinic Management System’s EMR enable Aesthetic Clinics to manage patients’ medical records more effectively, by recording case notes, retrieving patients’ data, keeping track of medical records, sales and payment records.

4. Visualisation Tools

Aestehtic Clinics will be able to capture patients’ pre and post treatment photos, which allow patients’ to have a better understanding and overview on their treatment progress. When patients are able to see positive progress of their treatments, it will keep them excited and staying loyal to the brand.

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How Aoikumo Can Help

At Aoikumo, we strive to assist Aesthetic Clinics to thrive. With the complete all-in-one cloud-based system, managing Aesthetic Clinics has never been easier.

1. Appointment and Notifications Reminders

With Aoikumo, Aesthetic Clinics will be able to create and manage appointments easily based on the availability of employees and rooms to avoid overbook or double bookings. Automated reminders can be scheduled to patients’ to ease the process to ensure efficiency.

2. BeautyPOS Billing

Aoikumo BeautyPOS module makes managing payments a breeze and able to assist to maximise the Aesthetic Clinics’ revenue potential. Conveniently integrated with credit vouchers and cash wallets, Aoikumo BeautyPOS ensures a frictionless payment process for the patients.

3. Operations Management and Automated Commissions Calculation

To organise and prevent erractic employee’s working schedule, kumoSan – the Aoikumo Advanced Self Management App, is ready to help. kumoSan will be able to assists the team to track their daily tasks, recording attendance with easy clock in and out via kumoSan’s QR scan, as well as reviewing their commissions and rewards.

4. Marketing Tools

To keep the brand connected with patients, Aoikumo enable the e-newsletter and SMS blast features, for Aesthetic Clinics to reach out to the target patients. Constantly sending updates and promotions to patients potentially leads to geater revenue and maintaining stronger relationships.

Ready to manage the Aesthetic business with ease and to stays ahead of others? Aoikumo is here to assist!

Choose from Aoikumo affordable packages to manage and grow the business or customise to suit the needs of your esteemed brand. Book a demo to experience an efficient Clinic Management System.

Building a loyal customer base can mean distinguishing between a run-of-the-mill and successful aesthetics practice. Unfortunately, customer retention is not a natural occurrence—you need methodical strategies.

Before racking your brains on how to improve your bottom line, first look at your biggest asset: returning patients. One study even alluded that retention rates are responsible for a 25% to 95% increase in revenue based on industry.

Why is this so? Repeated customers already have a relationship with you, fostered on a foundation of trust. So, logically, it would be more effective and cost less to sell treatments to these patients than to new leads.

Here are four patient retention strategies to help you nurture existing relationships.

Customer Retention Strategies for Your Aesthetics Clinic

1. Provide a personal touch.

Firstly, it’s essential to treat your clients as respected and valued people, not as potential sales. The best way to do this is by personalizing their experience and showing them you care.

Try sending out ‘thank you’ messages to them post-visit with an immediate review request, offering follow-up support or information. That way, you convey your practice’s investment and effort in their outcomes.

Clinic staff can also reach out for client feedback and insight to tailor the customer experience further. When patients feel like their business is valued, it increases the chance of them coming back.

2. Enhance patient communication.

Keeping in touch with clients between visits through conventional methods can be a hassle. With patients going about their lives and your staff taking so many calls daily, it’s likely to miss each other.

Well, improving the ease of communication is made possible with a cloud-based system like Aoikumo, which keeps clients informed of their visit details and subsequent appointments. Online systems are one of the best customer retention strategies and are especially convenient if your clinic comprises a small staff team.

3. Incentivize for succeeding visits.

As we’ve touched on, it’s better to introduce new treatments to existing patients who you know would benefit from them. Consider offering vouchers or discounts to your current customer base for their following appointments.

For instance, you can tempt them with a free consultation for patient education on how the treatment might be suitable. Or perhaps offer a 10% discount for two treatments with upfront payment.

These deals and updates on the latest industry innovations will make your existing clients feel rewarded for their loyalty.

4. Offer sharing packages.

Special offers aside, sharing packages may also entice customers to sign on with your clinic long-term. This is one of the most effective patient retention strategies to bring in multiple repeating clients.

Not to mention, families are critical customers for aesthetic practices to appeal to different demographics. Gaining the loyalty of families could increase the lifetime value of your clients, their satisfaction, and ultimately, your clinic’s profits.

At the end of the day, we live in a modern age where customers are well-informed and empowered. There’s more to patient retention than providing good service, so don’t hesitate to test these strategies!

The first step you can take is converting to Aoikumo’s all-in-one POS Scheduling System, and the rest is sure to come easy.

In the aesthetics business, the first consultation is everything. It’s where practitioners and patients feel each other out, developing a mutual understanding of goals and managing expectations.With the availability of patient video calls and online consultation, booking appointments have entered a whole new ballgame. There’s no more fighting for reservations over the phone, getting through traffic, and waiting in a crowded room. 

Now, practitioners can simply assess a potential client’s needs through an online consultation. Not to say that virtual consultations have never existed, but the COVID-19 pandemic has further cemented their place in the modern world. 

Benefits of Offering Online Consultation through Patient Video Call

Isn’t it crazy to think communication modalities have evolved so much that your patient is just one video call away? Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, online patient conferencing might be the golden ticket in the aesthetics industry.

While there is much to gain from it, three key benefits are indisputable.

Transcend geographical boundaries

1. Transcend geographical boundaries

When running a clinic, you always have to think bigger. Your clientele could expand beyond your immediate vicinity, and virtual consultations can help you remove these locational restrictions.

Today, cosmetic patients can easily browse through the web for their ideal procedures and top practitioners anywhere. They are also unlikely to travel long distances for in-person appointments when there’s uncertainty about your service’s success.  

Providing online consultation can allow you to address a prospective client’s needs and required treatment whilst accommodating a broader demographic. Plus, cosmetic patients are finicky in finding the right practitioner for their procedure and may only be willing to make the trip once you’ve positioned yourself as so.

Convenience and ease

2. Convenience and ease

Despite our eagerness for things to return to normal, we’ve grown accustomed to certain conveniences, such as online services. We expect these day-to-day conveniences to prevail, and your patients are not exempt from such expectations.

Thus, patients who have busy work schedules or children to care for are more likely to engage your services with the ease of a patient video call. Your clinic already has a competitive advantage as long as you offer services that barely disrupt their daily existence.

Moreover, the increased convenience might even be a deciding factor for whether a client schedules the initial consultation.

Cost-effectiveness and transparency

3. Cost-effectiveness and transparency

Online patient conferencing tends to be cheaper than in-person consultations. Aside from the convenience, patients can also cost-effectively access your expertise.

Charging a small fee for online consultation would help weed out no-show patients or unmotivated buyers. This practice saves you valuable staff time and money to cover your overhead.

Additionally, it conveys your clinic as established and could even increase the conversion rates of potential patients. Use the consultation time to build trust and showcase your knowledge, assuring aesthetic patients that their desired results are achievable.

Your patients want to feel like their time is valued and their investment will pay off. A patient video call can be productive and remarkably telling as to whether you’re a good fit.

Aoikumo’s all-in-one POS Scheduling System

That said, consider converting to Aoikumo’s all-in-one POS Scheduling System, where the benefits are limitless for aesthetic industries. Schedule appointments and track your patients’ footprints with ease.

Professionals in the beauty and aesthetic industry know all too well the intricacies that go into coordination and organisation. Luckily, technology has provided the privilege to improve your clinic and reap the benefits of an online booking system.

Allowing clients to make appointments online can propound a competitive advantage for your clinic. Not only would you streamline administrative tasks, but you’d also be setting higher customer service standards in the market.

So, if your aesthetic clinic is due for a facelift, here are some enticing results to which you can look forward.

Key Benefits of an Online Booking System

There are periods in the aesthetic business when the influx of clients becomes overwhelming. At such times, you don’t want to be stuck answering calls and emails about bookings or cancellations the traditional way.

With Aoikumo’s all-in-one system, you can:

An online booking system offers convenience and freedom like no other, including the benefits of controlling the available timings and dates, entering personal information, etc.

1. Fulfil Client Expectations

Did you know that the majority of customers prefer to book appointments online? Plus, with everything moving to the internet nowadays, clients naturally gravitate towards businesses that offer the ease of online bookings.

An online booking system offers convenience and freedom like no other, including the benefits of controlling the available timings and dates, entering personal information, etc.

Not having to fail miserably struggling with articulation over the phone? Yes, please.

an online booking system like Aoikumo sends automated messages and calendar reminders to ensure clients never miss an appointment.

2. Reduce No-Shows

Client no-shows are a real headache, except a heating pad can’t remedy the lost costs. Consequently, an online booking system like Aoikumo sends automated messages and calendar reminders to ensure clients never miss an appointment.

These systems also digitalise your cancellation policy in terms and conditions, saving you yet another awkward phone conversation. Since clients make appointments online, they agree to the T&C through the system and establish a mutual understanding upfront. 

3. Take Charge of Your Customer Base

Using an appointment book restricts you from recognising trends in your business, while online bookings provide concrete data and analytics. That way, you have all the information needed to understand your customer base — who is or isn’t booking, when, etc.

Aoikumo’s system lets clinic managers track their business performance and activities effectively. All your clients’ contact details would be there, making it more accessible to generate future marketing campaigns.

Online booking solutions are available 24/7, and you can check new appointments whenever you please.

4. Be Available 24/7 (even while you’re asleep with the phone off)

Your clients are working adults with busy schedules, and the only time they may find to make appointments is after hours. However, this common occurrence can get annoying when you’re the one who’s off work.

Online booking solutions are available 24/7, and you can check new appointments whenever you please.

The first contact with clients is not your clinic's signage but your online portal.

5. Give Audiences a Memorable First Impression

The first contact with clients is not your clinic's signage but your online portal. A confusing website where navigation is impossible could turn prospective clients away with just one click. On the other hand, a beautifully-built app would definitely WOW your customers.

Therefore, it is vital to leave visitors with a positive first impression. Who knows? They might be so drawn to your business that they schedule a booking right away!

Aoikumo’s online booking system promises multiple benefits

Overall, Aoikumo’s online booking system promises multiple benefits to enjoy on the website AND the well-developed MeTIME Wellness app for customers. Discover more about Aoikumo’s scheduling system for the beauty and aesthetic industry.

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