How to Maintain a Good Working Environment

Published on: October 4, 2021

We all know that managing a beauty business staff retention can be a vexing job at times. But wouldn't it be great if your staff can work in a more stress-free and fulfilling environment?

Here, we help you explore ways to improve morale and, subsequently, productivity in your aesthetic clinics and beauty salons. With kumoSan as your assistant, rest assured your team will make good in providing optimum customer service.

Clarity and Flexibility in Schedules

As a beauty business owner, it’s advisable to provide flexible service hours and breaks for your staff. Proper scheduling ensures that they can work at their best without feeling too fatigued, as your team's health and wellness can very well affect their performance. 

Besides that, you can empower your staff and allow them the flexibility to accept or reject bookings. However, keep in mind to monitor bookings closely, so that rejection rates stay at a minimum and operations commence without a hitch.

kumoSan helps your staff keep tabs on their daily appointments and tasks, avoiding unwanted clashes in their schedules. The app also shows your team's working roster, which helps them optimise their booking schedules without overworking themselves. 

Provide Attractive Sales and Commission Opportunities

In addition, you can keep your staff motivated by setting clear objectives and directions.

One way to mould upbeat employees is to set realistic targets that are highly viable. Not to mention stipulating sufficient time for your staff to build up momentum for their best performance. Once they have reached their goals or exceeded expectations, slowly raise the bar to boost their performance.

By utilising the kumoSan app, staff can view their daily commissions and tasks with ease. The app also tracks the accepted commission quota within a certain period, allowing your team to set their monthly target limit and goals.  

Maintaining Staff Attendance 

A consistent update to your team on their colleagues’ availability can improve active attendance in the workplace. If any of your staff members feel unwell or has an emergency to attend to, taking leave cannot be avoided. As such, you could allow your team to block out timings on their schedule with a reason to ensure everyone else knows how to cover their colleague on his or her absence That way, you can keep your staff happy and stress-free, leading to  better work execution and more satisfied customers.

kumoSan can also digitalise your employees’ attendance. By using the digital clock-in and clock-out feature, they can easily clock in for work and vice versa. This user-oriented component grants you the convenience of tracking your team's attendance data and schedule.

Feedback and Rewards

Another way to boost spirits and encourage your staff’s performance is by offering constructive feedback. As an employer, you can guide your beauticians to accept constructive criticisms with an open mind. They will begin showing progress in their work when you give them room to improve. 

Moreover, a reward system works well to drive your staff. Whether the reward is intrinsic or extrinsic, you can inspire your employees to reach their fullest potential.

The key is not about the materialistic awards they receive but acknowledging their hard work. Beyond everything, recognition plays a massive role in incentivization.

Comfortable Working Environment 

If you insist on giving your customers a comfortable environment, why not provide your staff with the same treatment? 

A supportive and enjoyable workplace will motivate your employees to be more efficient, even promoting better mental health. To keep your team feeling safe and comfortable, periodical equipment maintenance and tool quality checks are vital in the workspace. You may venture a step further and provide staff lockers to maintain an organised workplace.

Ultimately, being a great team leader means giving your team the encouragement and guidance they need. Only then can they find joy in their work, and team morale and support can come to fruition. After all, keeping both staff and customers physically and mentally healthy is what the beauty industry is all about. 

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by: Aoikumo_@dmin
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