• POS & Appointment Scheduling Management System tailored for Medical Aesthetic Clinics

Key features that would help your Aesthetics business

Managing your Aesthetic Clinic has never been this easy.

Track and document patients’ records, e-forms and case notes with modules built exclusively for aesthetic clinics. Excite your patients with their treatment success by taking pre- and post-treatment photos, then arrange them in a grid image view so that they will be able to visually compare the difference from each visit. Dispense medication, drugs, along with prescriptions when needed.
"Aoikumo is the best POS system I have ever come across. It is easy to use, very detailed system, at the same time customer-oriented.

Aoikumo connects all our branches as one and gives us real-time updates of our daily sales and inventory reports.

I truly recommend this system to all businesses in the aesthetics and beauty industry."
- Dr Por Yang Sheng, CEO of Hairy Mary - The Hair Removal Expert   
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Never miss a schedule and no more overbookings

Manage appointments easily based on Staff Nurses, Doctors or Rooms so that you do not overbook. Set distinct colors for appointments to give an overall view of Staff Nurses or Doctors available for the day.
Case Notes

Document interactions with patients

Take notes related to patient visits as well as doctor’s correspondence that may include written notes with anatomy or other visual representations.
Camera Tool

Snap patients’ pre- and post-treatment pictures using Aoikumo

Document each visit or treatment done on patients and share the successful treatment with them through Collaging.

Use case notes to add remarks and annotate pictures captured

Load snapped pictures into Case Notes, electronically jot down notes or annotate the image to envision how the result of the next treatment would be.
Picture Collage

Create a collage of patients' pre- or post-treatment pictures

They say "pictures speak a thousand words". Show patients the progressive success of their treatments through collages thus keeping them excited and loyal to your brand.
Electronic Form

No more paper trails

Design and create your own electronic indemnity & consultation form, which will be auto-uploaded to the customer’s profile. The best part is, you will also be able to load your own anatomy templates and annotate them within the form.

The future of consultation through Telehealth

Easily set up a video call appointment with a patient located anywhere in the world to perform consultation. With a click of the link, the video call will be initiated. No third party apps required.

Dispense drugs and create prescriptions

Spend just a second to generate the Drug Dispensing Report required by local authorities.
Electronic Medical Records

Manage patients' journey through a single EMR module

Track patients' past treatments, notes, pictures, sales, payment you name it within a single EMR menu.

Automated calculation of doctor commissions

Comes with a Position & Points-based commission calculator that is widely used within the Aesthetics industry.
Credit Wallets & Packages

Sell and manage wallets and packages purchased by patients

Package and wallet management is no easy feat.

Create and sell different customers’ Credit Wallets from Combo, Ala-carte & Cash Wallets.

Let Aoikumo manage the rest.
Advanced Medical Inventory

Medication with Batch and Expiry

Create Purchase Orders for suppliers, Transfer Orders, and inter-branch Stock Requests easily.

Maintain each inventory item or drug through different batches, cost prices and expiry dates, and ensure you dispense the right drugs and perform correct inter-outlet billing.

Improve Customer Relationship & Increase Client Retention

With many aesthetic clinics sprawling up, loyalty is ever more important.
Keep your patients coming back by creating a Loyalty Programme within Aoikumo.

Allow them to earn points as they spend and tier-up their membership so that they are able to redeem products or services.

A happy customer makes a happy business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aoikumo differ from other Medical Aesthetics Clinic Management Systems?

First and foremost, there is no dedicated “Medical Aesthetics Clinic Management System'' in the market (well, besides Aoikumo of course). Aoikumo is built based on the needs of the Medical Aesthetics industry within Asia Pacific with features vital to such businesses. These features include package and redemption controls, fraud prevention controls and PIN requests for employee accountability.

Are there any setup costs in implementing Aoikumo’s Aesthetic Clinic Management System?

There are no added costs in implementing Aoikumo. If extra support services are required such as migration from legacy systems, the team at Aoikumo will be able to assist.

Is it possible to migrate data from my legacy Clinic Management System into Aoikumo?

Migrating data into Aoikumo is straight-forward, provided you have the data of your patients in a spreadsheet. Aoikumo comes with a self-migration tool which is a wizard based migration. It is straight-forward enough, our users are able to do it themselves.

What are the hardware requirements to run Aoikumo’s Aesthetic Clinic Management System?

Aoikumo runs not only on the web but as an app on tablet devices.

For the web, it runs on the latest Google Chrome. We recommend an Intel i5 processor or AMD Ryzen 5 with 8GB RAM and SSD at the very least to be able to run kumoDent efficiently.

For tablet devices, running at least with iOS14 or Android 12 would make using kumoBiz (app for Aoikumo) a breeze. With the advancement of Aoikumo’s technology, we will always recommend using the latest version of the operating system.

Is training included with Aoikumo’s Aesthetic Clinic Management System?

Yes, Aoikumo comes with 1-time training.

I’m not well versed with technology and systems. How difficult is it to use Aoikumo’s Aesthetic Clinic Management System?

Kumo (kumoteam.co) invests heavily on its UI (User interface) and UX (User Experience) with updates to improve flow and reduce clicks in all of its products. The system comes with tooltips on its features, ensuring you know how they are able to function.

How secure is Aoikumo?

Aoikumo is hosted in Microsoft Azure with security technologies only known to its creators. We are unable to divulge much information but you can be rest assured that we have steps in place to ensure your data is well secured.

How will Aoikumo help streamline my operations and improve efficiency?

Aoikumo is more than a Medical Aesthetics Clinic Management System. It allows you to manage your business online negating the need to be in the clinic to run the show which is especially important if you have multiple branches. Besides that, Aoikumo provides solutions to managing your employees and patients through its kumoSan and MeTIME Wellness apps respectively. You can think of Aoikumo as a one-stop solution which manages your overall business.

The Future of Beauty & Wellness

Managing a Beauty & Wellness business is no easy feat. We understand and we got your back.

With a proven track record, research & development and continuous system updates throughout the years, we are dedicated towards serving your industry. Look no further, as we are confident that Aoikumo will be able to cover most of your business needs.

Industries We Cater To


Dedicated to the Beauty & Wellness industry with a focus on increasing efficiency and ensuring the success of your business

All-in-One Clinic Management System

All features integrated into one system, accessible through web and mobile apps supported on Google Chrome, iOS and Android

User-Friendly System, Emphasizing on Experience

Built to focus on user experience, you will wonder why you did not use Aoikumo earlier

Cloud Technology

Resilient and real-time cloud technology with continuous automated daily backup

Secured, Robust & Stable

Secured, stable and robust, with data encrypted using Microsoft Azure technology with 99.9% SLA

Lifetime Updates

Continuous lifetime feature updates, fixes and dedicated support

No Commitments

Simple and easy sign-up, without any contractual commitments, upfront or cancellation fee

Multilingual Support

English, Chinese (中文), Thai and Bahasa Indonesia with other languages currently being added on

Payment Integration with EFT terminal is available

Supports all banks, online transfers and major e-Wallets in Malaysia

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  • "Thank you Aoikumo -the software has made our daily operations much easier to handle and manage all our 7 branches in a unified manner.

    Appointment booking, patient scheduling, inventory usage has been really smooth ever since we started using Aoikumo!

    Thank you again."
    DR. DENESH SINNA, Founder
    Heart Bit E-ECP Wellness Centre

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