Establishing a Paperless Practice for Your Aesthetic Clinic or Beauty Business

Published on: July 9, 2021

For businesses everywhere, the transition to a paperless practice has already begun. Generally, a paperless system refers to the process of transferring and replacing your documents, records and files into a digital format. However, it’s more than just digitising documents; it’s changing the way your company works.

Aesthetic clinics and beauty salons know that prioritising customers is key. A great customer experience relies on smooth operations, efficient record-keeping and quality services. The move to a paperless practice is definitely worth the effort, but how exactly does this strategy benefit your business?

Advantages of a Paperless Clinic or Beauty Salon
You can’t put a price on the value of efficiency in a competitive market. That is why companies are embracing the transformation towards a digitalised establishment. For a better understanding between a paperless practice and a traditional one, we only need to look at several standard procedures.

1. Seamless Scheduling Experience
The first interaction a potential client makes with you is during bookings. By calling to make an appointment, clients place their trust in you that a slot will be available at the agreed time. However, every time a staff scribbles down booking details on paper, they subject the company to the inevitable – human error.

Anything from misheard contact information to missing details can ruin the prized chance for a good first impression. Not to mention the dreaded cases of double booking! With a digital system, you can easily view the available slots and check bookings with just a few clicks.

2. Easily Go Green
Migrating to a paperless system means that everything you need is in your hands. And when you think of ‘paperless’, that literally means no more papers, pens, printers, ink and more! The change to a more sustainable company is just that easy.

Customers and employees alike will be happier to see you taking part in greener initiatives and reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Now that you no longer need to print and copy documents, you can save your expenses and focus more on improving your services and facilities.

3. More Time for Clients and Patients
Apart from receipts, aesthetic clinics have other documents like patient consent forms and treatment records to deal with. A digital software can take over most of the admin duties such as filing, sorting and updating patient info.

Additionally, you clear up storage space and reduce office clutter with digital management of your documents. The automated records help you save time when onboarding new patients as well as retrieving existing client information.

4. Easier and Efficient Consultations
A practical advantage of going paperless is that all consultation notes can be made digitally. Not only is it easy to make amendments to notes, but a paperless software could allow clinicians to capture patients’ treatment photos.

With everything from digital consultation notes to anatomy templates and photo comparisons available on one device, clinicians can track treatment progress with ease. And because they’re not physical files, care providers can easily access multiple client records and move from customer to customer with all the data on a single device.  

5. Effective Business Management
How can you grow if you don’t have an accurate picture of how your business is doing? It can be difficult to analyse, especially when you’re bogged down by day-to-day operations.

Digital systems generate key insights and reports automatically. While conventional documentation requires you to manually count, compile and update records, a paperless system does it for you. Owners can keep track of everything from inventory to staff and sales, all at their fingertips!

How To Migrate Toward a Paperless Practice
Paperless systems help your beauty brand excel at what you do best. While you keep your customers happy, a paperless system keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently. Aoikumo is a revolutionary all-in-one, cloud-based POS and scheduling system designed for aesthetic clinics and beauty centres.

Discover how Aoikumo can be your solution to a paperless practice. Browse our website or contact us to schedule your free Aoikumo demo.

by: Aoikumo_@dmin
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