5 Benefits of Aoikumo Software for Beauty and Wellness Businesses

Published on: January 15, 2018

Aoikumo confident to improve the Beauty and Wellness business throughout Southeast Asia

Having a positive aura is very crucial to running a beauty or wellness business. If you want to attract new customers or retain existing ones, the secret lies in the experience you give your customers both before and after.

How will you make them want to come back? Provide the best customer service! In other words, put more of your effort on pleasing customers and less on other things such as managing back-end operations; even a call or message to customers make a difference.

Aoikumo is a system that helps you with the back-end operations of your beauty, wellness and spa business. Here are five of the biggest benefits of using our cloud solution:

  1. It improves productivity

Do more for less time – forget about manual book keeping of customer’s services, billing and other reporting requirements.

  1. Aoikumo saves you time on marketing your products/services.

Aoikumo can help you reach the right audience through its targeted email and SMS blast. We will elaborate more about the marketing solution in Aoikumo in our next blog. So, stay tuned.

  1. It gives you better control of your business; head to toe.

The software has features that are suitable for any type of beauty and wellness service. If you are selling products, it can help you manage your inventory and customer’s collection. If you are selling services, it can set various hands-on incentive types for each service at the same time manage their package utilization.

At the same time, it comes with  flexible incentive and multi-tiered commissioning control that auto generates payout reports; keeping your staff happy by giving them the right amount of commissions.

  1. Aoikumo provides a more personalized user experience.

The software can help you manage your customer’s data and never miss a birthday or any important dates for that matter. It also reminds customers of their upcoming appointments. The system is beautifully crafted, with your brand logo at the top corner giving you confidence of using such a beautiful and robust system while you carry on with your day-to-day tasks.

  1. Aoikumo’s cloud solution can help you manage your staff effectively.

Managing your man-power is no doubt the most challenging aspect of running any kind of business. The Duty Roster which is tied to the thumbprint reader helps you be in charge of your employees without the hassle.

These are just a few of the main advantages Aoikumo can provide you with. With these features, you can now focus on the more important aspects of your beauty, wellness and spa business. Get in touch with Aoikumo for further assistance on your business needs. Send an email to info@aoikumo.com or give us a call at +603 7832 0188 to take full advantage of our 1 month  free-trial.

by: Aoikumo_@dmin
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