• POS & Scheduling System tailored for Beauty Salon Business

Key features that would help your Salon business

Managing your Beauty Salon has never been this easy.

Track customer's appointments, payments, owing or package redemptions with ease without the need of old visit cards.
Also, take before and after treatment pictures to track your customer's treatment success, then arrange them in a grid image view so that they will be able to visually see the difference based on each treatment.
"Aoikumo is the best system I've used so far. It is user-friendly and flexible enough to create complex packages or even tie-up promotions. What makes it easier is it is accessible anywhere and anytime on any device.

Their back-end support team is the best, they are prompt to respond and assist us all the time.

Definitely a good business partner"
- Amanda Wong, Manager of Glow & Glamour MediLab   
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Advanced Appointments

Never miss a schedule... No more overbookings

Create and manage appointments easily based on beauticians or rooms so that you do not overbook. Set distinct colors in appointments to give an overall view of beauticians available for the day.
Advanced Inventory

Manage both selling and salon use inventories

Create Purchase Orders for suppliers or Transfer Orders, Stock Requests inter-branch easily.

Maintain each inventory item through different batches, cost prices and expiry dates ensuring you dispense the right drugs and perform correct inter-outlet billing.
BeautyPOS Billing

Sell services with our flexible Beauty POS Module

Our flexible BeautyPOS module allows you to easily allocate sales up to 3 different staffs per item sold. Accept partial payments received for items and have control over redemptions to ensure customers only redeem what was paid for.

Different discount types to suit your unique needs

Set discount control and capping over different products and services, or events such as a customer's birthday to ensure you do not over discount your products and services.

Improve Customer Relationship & Increase Client Retention

Categorize Loyalty Points into different membership and reward customers as they purchase products or services from you. Available in both Auto and Manual Tier-Ups.
Credit Wallets & Packages

Sell and manage wallets and packages purchased by patients

Package and wallet management is no easy feat. Create the packages and setup wallets one-time. Let Aoikumo manage the rest.

Automated commissions calculation.

Simply setup the sales and service hands-on incentives once and let Aoikumo do the rest.

With up to 10 different sales commissions and 3 different hands-on incentives for different staff grades to ensure accurate commission disbursement.

Say goodbye to manual calculations.
Roster (clock in and out)

Track staff's clock-in and clock-out of work using kumoSan

With kumoSan, not only will you be able to track clock-in and clock-out but staffs would also be able to manage their appointments for the day and view commissions.

Take charge of your business marketing

Connect with customers. Easily create beautiful e-mail newsletters and greetings to let them know about your upcoming promotions. Or even better, send them a voucher for their upcoming birthday through either e-mail or SMS.

The Future of Beauty & Wellness

Managing a Beauty & Wellness busy is no easy feat. We understand and we got your back.

With a proven track record, research & development and continuous system updates throughout the years, we are dedicated towards serving your industry. Look no further, as we are confident that Aoikumo will be able to cover most of your business needs.

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Dedicated to the Beauty & Wellness industry with a focus on increasing efficiency and ensuring the success of your business

All-in-One System

All features integrated into one system, accessible through web and mobile apps supported on Google Chrome, iOS and Android

User Friendly

Built to focus on user experience, you will wonder why you did not use Aoikumo earlier

Cloud Technology

Real-time and live with continuous automated daily backup and resilience

Secured, Robust & Stable

Secured, stable, robust and data encrypted using Microsoft Azure technology with 99.9% SLA

Lifetime Updates

Continous lifetime feature updates, fixes and dedicated support

No Commitments

Simple and easy sign-up, without any contractual commitments, upfront or cancellation fee

Multilingual Support

English, Chinese (中文), Thai and Bahasa Indonesia with other languages being added on currently

Payment Integration with EFT terminal is available

Supports all banks, online transfers and major e-Wallets in Malaysia
  • "Thank you Aoikumo -the software has made our daily operations much easier to handle and manage all our 7 branches in an unified manner.

    Appointment booking, patient scheduling, inventory usage has been really smooth ever since we started using Aoikumo!

    Thank you again."
    DR. DENESH SINNA, Founder
    Heart Bit E-ECP Wellness Centre

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