• POS & Appointments Scheduling Management System tailored for the Spa & Wellness Businesses

Key Features that would help your spa business

Managing your Spa & Wellness Business has never been this easy.

Improve efficiency and gain insights on your spa or wellness business such as physio, osteo centers. Our all-in-one system would automatically manage customers’ redemption and purchases thus reducing fraud or wrong usage. With happy customers, their trust and loyalty will always be with you.
"My business has been using Aoikumo for 6 months now, it is definitely worth the investment as it is an all-in-one integrated system where I can do so much more in limited time—from appointments, sales reporting, employee management, and online catalogue to boost up my company sales.

My staff are happy using it as they can easily track their own sales and customers' service history records for better servicing.

It is a significant step towards digitalisation for small company like mine. Looking forward for more exciting features from Aoikumo." 
- Isabelle Looi, Owner of Urban Cocoon   
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Never miss a schedule... No more overbookings

Create and manage appointments easily based on available therapists or rooms. Set therapist’s turns so that you’ll know who will be servicing the next customer.
Prepaid Membership

Create VIP or other Packages for customers

Sell packages that consist of credits for members and auto-deduct accurately during redemption without any fuss. An e-mail and SMS would be sent to customers to ensure they know of the redemptions made. Say goodbye to mis-redemptions or frauds.
Real-time Notifications

Let Aoikumo remind your customers of their appointments

Automated SMS along with calendar reminders that automatically gets created on your customer's smartphone. This keeps them informed of their next date with you, thus reducing no-shows.
Hands-on Incentives

No more manual calculations for therapist incentives

Create different hands-on incentives for your therapists based on seniority to ensure they are accurately paid. Say goodbye to manual calculations.
Roster (clock in and out)

Track staff clock-in and clock-out using kumoSan

With kumoSan, not only will you be able to track clock-in and clock-out but your staff would also be able to manage their appointments for the day and view commissions.
Loyalty Points

Improve Customer Relationship & Increase Client Retention

Categorise Loyalty Points into different memberships and reward customers as they purchase products or services from you.
Daily Emailer

Track your Business Performance with Ease

Receive a daily summary through e-mail, letting you know of your spa's overall performance and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aoikumo differ from other Spa & Wellness Management Systems?

Aoikumo is built integrated with security features that will allow you to reduce redemption fraud. The flow from the point a customer contacts the center for an appointment up until they leave the center is curated based on requirements from the spa & wellness industry.

Are there any setup costs in implementing Aoikumo’s Spa & Wellness Management System?

No added costs are required in implementing Aoikumo for your Spa or Wellness center. If extra support services are required such as migration from legacy systems, Aoikumo will be able to assist.

Is it possible to migrate data from my past Wellness Management System into Aoikumo?

Migrating data into Aoikumo is straight-forward, provided you have the data of your patients in a spreadsheet. Aoikumo comes with a self-migration tool which is a wizard based migration. It is straight-forward enough, our users are able to do it themselves.

What are the hardware requirements to run Aoikumo’s Spa & Wellness Management System?

Aoikumo runs not only on the web but as an app on tablet devices.

For the web, it runs on the latest Google Chrome. We recommend an Intel i5 processor or AMD Ryzen 5 with 8GB RAM and SSD at the very least to be able to run Aoikumo efficiently.

For tablet devices, running at least with iOS14 or Android 12 would make using kumoBiz (app for kumoDent) a breeze. With advancement of Aoikumo’s technology, we will always recommend using the latest version of the operating system.

Is training included with Aoikumo’s Spa & Wellness Management System?

Yes, Aoikumo comes with 1-time training.

I’m not well versed with technology and systems. How difficult is it to use Aoikumo’s Management System for my Spa & Wellness business?

Kumo (kumoteam.co) invests heavily on its UI (User interface) and UX (User Experience) with updates to improve flow and reduce clicks in all of its products. The system comes with tooltips on its features, ensuring you know how they are able to function.

How secure is Aoikumo?

Aoikumo is hosted in Microsoft Azure with security technologies only known to its creators. We are unable to divulge much information but you can be rest assured that we have steps in place to ensure your data is well secured.

How will Aoikumo help streamline my operations and improve efficiency?

Aoikumo is built to be than a Spa & Wellness Management System. It allows you to manage your business online negating the need to be in the clinic to run the show which is especially important if you have multiple branches. Besides that, Aoikumo provides solutions to managing your employees and patients through its kumoSan and MeTIME Wellness apps respectively. You can think of Aoikumo as a one-stop solution which manages your overall business.

The Future of Beauty & Wellness

Managing a Beauty & Wellness business is no easy feat. We understand and we got your back.

With a proven track record, research & development and continuous system updates throughout the years, we are dedicated towards serving your industry. Look no further, as we are confident that Aoikumo will be able to cover most of your business needs.

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Dedicated to the Beauty & Wellness industry with a focus on increasing efficiency and ensuring the success of your business

All-in-One Clinic Management System

All features integrated into one system, accessible through web and mobile apps supported on Google Chrome, iOS and Android

User-Friendly System, Emphasizing on Experience

Built to focus on user experience, you will wonder why you did not use Aoikumo earlier

Cloud Technology

Resilient and real-time cloud technology with continuous automated daily backup

Secured, Robust & Stable

Secured, stable and robust, with data encrypted using Microsoft Azure technology with 99.9% SLA

Lifetime Updates

Continuous lifetime feature updates, fixes and dedicated support

No Commitments

Simple and easy sign-up, without any contractual commitments, upfront or cancellation fee

Multilingual Support

English, Chinese (中文), Thai and Bahasa Indonesia with other languages currently being added on

Payment Integration with EFT terminal is available

Supports all banks, online transfers and major e-Wallets in Malaysia

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  • "Thank you Aoikumo -the software has made our daily operations much easier to handle and manage all our 7 branches in a unified manner.

    Appointment booking, patient scheduling, inventory usage has been really smooth ever since we started using Aoikumo!

    Thank you again."
    DR. DENESH SINNA, Founder
    Heart Bit E-ECP Wellness Centre

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