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The future of EMR is here

Large clunky filing cabinets, forms, papers, treatment cards are all things of the past. Say hello to the future! Take your EMR with you and access them wherever you are, however you want on any device. Do not worry about storage space as your patients' data is systematically stored and even trackable for countless years to come.
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A true cloud EMR that works on any device, any time, any where.

Information on Your Hands Wherever You Are
Works virtually with any device, Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. Your patients' EMR are with you always.
Load Photos, Scans, Videos and Documents
Easily upload patients’ photos, X-ray scans, videos and documents and store them on the cloud. Retrieve them whenever you need it.
Just Like Using Paper and Pen, Only BETTER!
Using a stylus, you can annotate and jot notes on patients' pictures. It’s just as easy and comfortable as paper and pen.
Treatment tracking
Track patients’ history, pre- and post-treatment pictures, payments, redemptions, and prescriptions for each and every patient.
Secured and Built Tough
Using end-to-end SSL encryption technology, you can rest assured that your data is secure even if Aoikumo is accessed from public networks.
Constant Backup
All patients’ data, images and documents are constantly backed up on a daily basis over the cloud.

EMR with Case Notes

EMR allows you to electronically extract medical information in order for you to quickly provide the required services to your patients.
Not only does EMR enhance the quality of service provided to patients, it vastly increases the efficiency within your business.
Now pair this with Case Notes which allows electronically-entered notes, and you've now gotten yourself a full end-to-end solution.
One single module to track everything. It doesn't get any easier than this.
Reduce Repetitive Entries
Create templates for your Case Notes so that you don’t have to keep drawing that same SOAP table over and over again.
Reduce carbon footprint, GO DIGITAL!
Do away with paper. Scan and upload patients’ past photos, X-ray scans, videos or documents so that it is accessible at any time.
Input records as you wish
Make full use of Aoikumo's Android or iOS app which is designed to be just as easy and comfortable as paper and pen.
Integrated with ICD-10
Scan through all available ICD-10 codes and include them in your notes, or personalise your diagnosis tagging for fast and easy entry.
Works on iOS, Android and Google Chrome browser through PC, Mac or smartphone device
Grant access rights to EMR for specific users within your business, to strike a balance between flexibility and security.
Tag patient information, diagnosis, drug prescriptions, and symptoms within EMR and Case Notes.
Yes, unlimited storage space! Do not worry about uploading large video, documents or picture files. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aoikumo’s EMR system handle the unique requirements of my business?

Aoikumo’s EMR is built integrated with Case Notes integrated to annotation and drawing, collaging + more. The flow from the point a patient contacts the clinic for an appointment up until the success of their treatment after a few visits are curated based on requirements from the medical aesthetics industry.

Is Aoikumo’s EMR customizable?

Yes, provided it helps the medical industry as a whole.

Can Aoikumo's EMR integrate with other systems used by my business?

Yes, we have API integration services available as an add-on.

How will Aoikumo’s EMR system ensure patients’ data privacy and security?

All data stored within Aoikumo is binded by the EULA which will need to be signed-for during the first login. The security technologies implemented are only known to its creators. We are unable to divulge much information but you can be rest assured that we have steps in place to ensure your data is well secured.

How does Aoikumo’s EMR handle backup and recovery of patient data in the event of a system failure?

Backup of patient data is encrypted and done daily over the cloud and physically done weekly. Aoikumo comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and should a system failure do ever occur, a process is in place to provide the required data of the day to ensure minimal interruptions to the clinic operations while the team rectifies the issue.

Is it possible to migrate past data (whether physical or digitally) into Aoikumo’s EMR?

Migrating data into Aoikumo’s EMR is straight-forward, provided you have the data of your patients in a spreadsheet. Aoikumo comes with a self-migration tool which is a wizard based migration. It is straight-forward enough, our users are able to do it themselves.

Does Aoikumo offer on-going support and maintenance for its EMR system?

Yes, all subscription come with technical support, updates and maintenance. Aoikumo is updated every other week with security, features and UI/UX updates to give you the competitive edge.

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  • "Thank you Aoikumo -the software has made our daily operations much easier to handle and manage all our 7 branches in a unified manner.

    Appointment booking, patient scheduling, inventory usage has been really smooth ever since we started using Aoikumo!

    Thank you again."
    DR. DENESH SINNA, Founder
    Heart Bit E-ECP Wellness Centre

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