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Scheduling & POS System tailored for
Beauty Salon Businesses.

Aoikumo ensures your single or multi-outlet slimming, facial or nail salon is well managed. This all-in-one system would give full control of your sales,customer’s packages and payments without the need to manually check through visit cards. Along with proper management of your salon use products, your inventory would be well stocked at all times.

Key features that would help your Beauty Salon business…


Create and manage appointments easily based on beauticians or rooms so that you do not overbook. Set distinct colors in appointments to give an overall view of beauticians available for the day.

Live Notification

Customers will receive an E-mail and SMS whenever services or products are redeemed + a reminder before their appointment. This keeps customers well informed of their redemption and appointments.

Sales Commissions

Assign commissions to different staffs using Aoikumo’s flexible Sales Commissions with Multi-Tier control. Commissions can be set for personal & item sales, center & area overriding for managers.

Loyalty Points

Categorize Loyalty Points into different membership and reward customers as they purchase products or services from you.

Staff Roster

Staff Roster manages the availability of your beauticians. Add a thumbprint device to monitor their clock-in and clock-out time.

Credit Wallets

Sell and manage different customer’s Credit Wallets from Combo, Ala-carte & Cash Wallets. System auto-deducts during redemption.

Composite Inventory

Track and manage your salon use products from ampoules to masks or towel with Aoikumo. No more over-usage and expensive wastage.

Why choose Aoikumo?

No Commitments

Simple and easy sign-up, without any contractual commitments, upfront or cancellation fee.

More than a POS

All-in-One system integrated with Appointments, Live SMS & E-Mail Notifications, Tiered Sales Commissions + more.

Multilingual Support

Currently with English and Chinese (中文) with other languages being added on currently.

Simple as 1-2-3

Simple system design which you and your beauticians would find easy to use and maneuver within the system.

Lifetime Updates

Enjoy continuous support when needed along with updates throughout your subscription at no extra cost.

Cloud Technology

Real-time, live information accessible at anytime through any mobile device from anywhere you are.

Data Protection

Using Microsoft technology which is highly secured, ensuring your data & information is never leaked.

Robust & Stable

Add branches and make changes easily as you grow your business without having to worry about downtime.

Connects you with your business from any device, any time, from any where

Being connected real-time while on the move is a must today, let Aoikumo help you.

Our Commitment

Aoikumo is an All-in-One cloud-based POS system targeted towards the Spa, Beauty and Aesthetics industry. It manages every aspects of the business such as keeping track of customer's appointments and spending, inventory, commissions and sales. Aoikumo will be the only solution you would need to manage your business.

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