How Aoikumo’s Marketing Module Assists Business Owners in Reaching More Customers

Published on: March 19, 2018

Plan for a successful marketing campaign

In order to plan and implement a successful marketing campaign, a business must be equipped with the appropriate tools and resources. This is especially true for establishments that offer spa, health, beauty, wellness, or tattoo services. These businesses achieve sustainability or profitability by cultivating repeat customers.

This is where Aoikumo’s marketing module comes into the picture. With this module, business owners can significantly grow their customer base by regularly running marketing campaigns through email or SMS blasts. This is a marketing strategy that’s very effective because it’s direct, targeted and easily manageable.

What is an e-mail or SMS blast?

Let’s say for instance that a spa or beauty center has just come up with a new offer and it wants to tell its customers about it. That’s where the roadblock starts: these spas or beauty centers will only target customers who walk-in or visit their Facebook page. What about the existing customers who already tried and loved the service?

This is where spas or beauty centers are able to make use of the marketing module available in Aoikumo to create a message that will then be sent in mass through emails or texts to customers.

It’s not only lightning fast, but also cost-effective. Businesses can reach thousands of customers in just a matter of minutes.

Additional Benefits of Aoikumo’s Marketing Module

The software also has the capability to collect and analyze demographic data from customers. This further helps business owners in narrowing down their target markets by location, gender, age, or other categories. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect tool in performing targeted marketing campaigns. Business owners like you can organize customers based on any category then use these categories as reference points on whether a customer should receive the email or SMS offer. It sounds complicated at first but with our demonstration and assistance it’s rather easy to understand and implement.

Last but not the least, business owners have the capability to fully customize their email and SMS blasts to ensure that these cater to the needs and wants of the recipients. For example, customer A who receives an email message that can be completely different from the one that customer B receives. It’s a very smart move because both parties win. The recipients get exactly what they need and the business owners reach their customers faster than ever.

Another great thing about Aoikumo’s marketing modules is that these are hosted and managed in the cloud. This means that they don’t require infrastructure on the part of the business owners. Furthermore, the software is usually flexible and scalable. It’s the perfect solution for business owners who are looking for ways on how to grow their bottom line. Call us today at +603 7832 0188 or drop us an email at if you like to know how Aoikumo can automate your center’s marketing.

by: Aoikumo_@dmin
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