Visit Malaysia 2020

Published on: June 10, 2021

Is your spa and wellness business ready for Visit Malaysia 2020?

Malaysia is set to receive as high as 30 million tourists from all over the world for the Visit Malaysia 2020 program. More than 50% of them will come from the ASEAN region, China, India, Japan, America, U.K and Germany. Travellers from these countries are smart and savvy. They are the people who know exactly what they want, with high expectations and are willing to spend their money provided they see the value of the products and services and how it benefits them.

So what is the estimation of visitors coming into Malaysia next year? 30 million visitors! That is like one visitor for every citizen of this country. That would also mean that there’s plenty of opportunities to go by. On top of that, it was remarked in NST that Malaysia is the top 10 country in the Asia Pacific, known for wellness tourism. As a spa and wellness centre owner, you no longer need to worry about the demand. It will come in due time. Your focus now must be on giving them the best products and services. 

Remember, most of these tourists coming in next year are new visitors to this country and eventually to your spa and wellness centre. You only have one chance to make the best impression with hopes that they would recommend you to their friends and family back home. Don’t forget that they are also equipped with a very powerful promotional tool in their hands – smartphone and social media. Do your thing right and they’re willing to share their experience with the world. 

But, good products and services without proper management foresight are like having the best Char Kueh Teow stall in town with no proper planning to run it. Your orders will get mixed up and wrong. Your staff will be demoralized having to endure the quick moving around and correcting the wrongs. The service will be slow, chaotic and forget about repeat customers and word of mouth despite having the best product. Worst off you end up losing more money than before. That is the last thing you want to happen don’t you?

We trust that you already have the most dedicated and talented staff for your spa and wellness business. You’ve decorated and furnished your premise to become the most tranquil centre you could possibly imagine. You also have lined up the best massage oils, body scrubs and aromatherapy candles ready to be sold.

So why haven’t you invested in a system that not only draws in the crowd before they reach our country but the best scheduling system specifically made for your top-notch spa and wellness premise? How could you overlook a very important element of running a modern-day spa and wellness centre without a powerful and user-friendly tool to manage all those products and services? Do these areas intimidate you and take a lot of your time and energy to manage?

This is where a multi-purpose, one-stop-solution software like Aoikumo comes in to help you. Aoikumo not only puts you on the front web to allow customers to buy services and products from your website, it ensures bookings, billing (POS), commissions and inventories are well managed in your spa, beauty salon or aesthetic clinic business whether its a single or multiple outlet. Using Aoikumo is so easy, you’ll wish you’ve used it earlier.

What’s more, all this information is stalled safely in the cloud so you can gain access to it anytime, anywhere using your gadget. With a cloud-based software like Aoikumo, no more worries about installation, corrupted PCs and even software updates. You are guaranteed to constantly get the latest version of Aoikumo. We take out the burden of managing your premise so you can concentrate on what you do best – providing the best spa, beauty salon and aesthetic clinic experience to your customers, free from worry and hassle.

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by: Aoikumo_@dmin
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