Full of pitfalls and obstacles, managing a successful Aesthetic Clinic business is no easy feat. Fortunately, having Aoikumo - a cloud-based Clinic Management System can help to deliver better solutions to cater your aesthetic clinic, patients, and business.

It is not an exaggeration that every Aesthetic Clinics should have an excellent management system. Hence, explore the benefits of incorporating with Aoikumo into your practice.

But First, What is a Clinic Management System?

Clinic Management System refers to an integrated information system designed and implemented to intelligently manage all facets of an Aesthetic Clinics' daily operations.

Equipped with a comprehensive suite of functionalities, the Clinic Management System provides a holistic overview of your operations and helps to manage appointments, patients’ records, inventories, employees, and more.

Benefits of Clinic Management System for Aesthetic Clinic

The automated and integrated Clinic Management System enable to simplify the overall operations process.

1. Paperless Digital System

It is vital for Aesthetic Clinics to keep track and access patients’ records with ease. With Clinic Management System – a digitalised system, all patients’ data and records can be retrieved at your fingertips. In addition, indemnity and consultation forms can also be customised to cater business needs.

2. Advance Medical Inventory Management System

Clinic Management System allows the business to manage inventories and drugs more effectively, by recording inventories’ batches, cost prices and expiry dates. To ensure accuracy, Aesthetic Clinics will need to dispense the correct drugs and perform accurate inter-outlet billing.

3. Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Clinic Management System’s EMR enable Aesthetic Clinics to manage patients’ medical records more effectively, by recording case notes, retrieving patients’ data, keeping track of medical records, sales and payment records.

4. Visualisation Tools

Aestehtic Clinics will be able to capture patients’ pre and post treatment photos, which allow patients’ to have a better understanding and overview on their treatment progress. When patients are able to see positive progress of their treatments, it will keep them excited and staying loyal to the brand.

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How Aoikumo Can Help

At Aoikumo, we strive to assist Aesthetic Clinics to thrive. With the complete all-in-one cloud-based system, managing Aesthetic Clinics has never been easier.

1. Appointment and Notifications Reminders

With Aoikumo, Aesthetic Clinics will be able to create and manage appointments easily based on the availability of employees and rooms to avoid overbook or double bookings. Automated reminders can be scheduled to patients’ to ease the process to ensure efficiency.

2. BeautyPOS Billing

Aoikumo BeautyPOS module makes managing payments a breeze and able to assist to maximise the Aesthetic Clinics’ revenue potential. Conveniently integrated with credit vouchers and cash wallets, Aoikumo BeautyPOS ensures a frictionless payment process for the patients.

3. Operations Management and Automated Commissions Calculation

To organise and prevent erractic employee’s working schedule, kumoSan – the Aoikumo Advanced Self Management App, is ready to help. kumoSan will be able to assists the team to track their daily tasks, recording attendance with easy clock in and out via kumoSan’s QR scan, as well as reviewing their commissions and rewards.

4. Marketing Tools

To keep the brand connected with patients, Aoikumo enable the e-newsletter and SMS blast features, for Aesthetic Clinics to reach out to the target patients. Constantly sending updates and promotions to patients potentially leads to geater revenue and maintaining stronger relationships.

Ready to manage the Aesthetic business with ease and to stays ahead of others? Aoikumo is here to assist!

Choose from Aoikumo affordable packages to manage and grow the business or customise to suit the needs of your esteemed brand. Book a demo to experience an efficient Clinic Management System.

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