5 Top Ways on How to Advance Your Beauty Business

Published on: July 5, 2019

5 Top Reasons How Aoikumo Helps to Advance Your Business

Having a perfectly conditioned aura is vital for anyone running a beauty or wellness business. The secret to attracting new clients at the same time retaining existing ones lies in the experience a customer usually gets after trying the many services offered. Aoikumo makes such tasks become a breeze for every business owner, looking to make their beauty or spa business thrive and become more successful.

Below are some of the top benefits business owners experience with Aoikumo to grow their spa, beauty and wellness centres:

  1. Improves productivity

Aoikumo‘s system allows people to do more for less. Business owners don’t have to worry about billing, bookkeeping, and other reporting requirements. Aoikumo simply has a variety of bespoke features that take care of each one of these tasks seamlessly, giving a person more peace of mind and an opportunity to do more for less time!

  1. Saves time

Aoikumo helps business owners to save time, particularly when marketing their products and services online. This software allows business owners to reach the right audience through the system’s targeted email and SMS blast. It also has a back-end inventory that enables business owners to link back to it from their website’s shopping cart. This allows consumers to purchase products and services directly from any website in real-time, without wasting much time. Consumers can also make online bookings from any website of choice and get served promptly as well.

  1. Automates all business operations

This software contains some salient features that any kind of beauty and wellness service would enjoy using more and more. The software takes care of any outstanding inventory work and customer’s collection, including sales and handling of any package utilization if necessary. It also comes with a flexible incentive and multi-tiered commissioning control that auto-generates payout reports, which keeps staff happy for receiving the right amount of commissions.

  1. Enhances users’ experience

Users get a more personalized experience on their end. This software allows them to easily manage their customer’s data and never miss a birthday, a customer’s scheduled appointment, or any other important date for that matter. The software is also beautifully crafted with the business owner’s logo at the top corner, which gives them more valid reasons to keep using the system while carrying on with their daily routines.

  1. Enables staff management to be more effective

Managing any kind of workforce is no doubt the most challenging aspect of operating any kind of business. The Duty Roster appended to the thumbprint reader keeps business owners in charge of all their staff with no hassle!

Above are some of the top benefits people acquire from Aoikumo to grow their beauty or spa business in this day and age. Aoikumo is a cloud-based software geared towards the beautyaesthetics and spa industry and thus plays a significant role in streamlining business operations online.

For any inquiries or more information about ways to make your online beauty or spa business become more efficient, visit aoikumo.com. You can also call us at +603 7832 0188 or send us an email at info@aoikumo.com, and we will be happy to assist with everything you need.

by: Aoikumo_@dmin
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